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April 13, 2011

Brewing Milk With Hot Water Equals vitamins Ruin

Perhaps your intent is to make the milk warm. Powdered milk or fresh milk that we Dab into a glass with us immediately brewed with hot water with temperatures near 100 ° C. Then, after a quarter or a third filled glasses, then we pour the rest with plain water until almost full one glass. But did you know that this way is almost a worst method for making a glass of warm milk is full of nutrition?

Surprised? Maybe yes, maybe not too. But this is so, all the vitamins will break down and damaged when in contact with the temperature is too hot. So brewing liquid milk or milk powder with hot water directly, in fact not unlike eliminate the vitamins contained in them. Not many people know about this trivial but important. Even though the medical community. Think carefully, how the growth of your baby if the milk in addition to proper food full of vitamins that you gave them turned out to contain vitamins have been lost? Relakah you if this happens just because of little things and sesepele this?

Vitamins are very vulnerable unravel. Moreover, because of exposure or contact with objects or substances with the temperature too extreme. Included are hot water. Hot water is referred to here is a boiling water or water with temperatures near the boiling point of water wherever you are (the boiling point of water is not always 100 ° C, depending on temperature and pressure where you are). Why is not it a habit to brew tea, coffee, even so is milk, with hot water when we want to make a cup drink it? Well, that's the point of fault. It is already entrenched. Even in this famous-famous place or some place to eat, often when we order a milk 'anget', which presented precisely milk 'hot' that in fact no longer the milk is rich in vitamins again. Just try to stall "fresh cow's milk." Add milk processing, was approximately what percentage of vitamins contained in a glass of milk is presented as' his panas' it? Therefore, we should understand how real milk presents steps to vitamins are not too many missing?

Milk contains so many vitamins and minerals in it. But remember, not only the many nutrients contained in milk, but also bacteria. Millions of bacteria live in a glass of milk fertile that you just dairy from a cow. And the only heat that is able to separate between the two. But the excessive heat not only eliminates bacteria that live in it, but also all the vitamins. Heating method that has been used in processing milk is the way of "pasteurization", in which milk is heated to a temperature of 70 ° C. Milk naturally bad bacteria will die, but the vitamin content of milk was still awake. But where possible we can ensure the temperature of steeping water that we use in making a glass of milk? It is not practical to measure the water temperature tremos us before making a glass of milk.

For that, there are two possible easy road taken to mediate this.
1. Use warm water, or, at least if you only have boiling water, leave it exposed to free water in your glass before you Dab your milk powder or liquid. Warm here is lukewarm. You know if it will take a bath with warm water, you will adjust how warm the water before you use. That lukewarm.
2. Pour cold water or water with room temperature milk in powder or liquid that you Dab on glass, before you menyeduhnya with boiling water or hot water tremos you. This method is faster, but less accurate. Of course as estimated how much cold water you with how much water you pour hot which will later need a more accurate estimate. One-one end is too hot temperature. But this is still better than if you brew your milk powder or liquid with boiling water directly.


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